Fit habits of
India's Supermoms!

Follow these fitness secrets for a balanced & healthy body.

Fit Tips

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

It is recommended that we eat at least five portions of different types of fruits and vegetables a day, a glass of unsweetened 100% fruit juice (150ml) can count as one portion.

Add less salt to your food

Even if you don’t add salt to your food, you may still be eating too much salt through breakfast cereals, soups etc. Adding too much salt can elevate your blood pressure

Start your day with balanced breakfast

A balanced breakfast is an important part of a diet as it provides some of the vitamins and minerals we need for good health.

Eat different foods every day

Make sure you get the right balance by consuming a wide variety of foods every day as no single food contains all vital nutrients.

Drink plenty of liquids

It is important to increase your water intake especially during hot weather, after exercising or any other activity involving vigorous physical exertion. Do not wait to have water till you feel thirsty instead keep having water at regular intervals.

Get proper sleep every night

Six to eight hours of sleep per night is the key to your physical, mental, and emotional health. This will give you energy and make you more productive.

Have lukewarm waterwith lemon every day

A mug of hot water with lemon will not only keep you hydrated and fresh, but will also keep your
vitamin C levels on track.

Cut your sugar intake

Excessive sugar can be the cause of bad cholesterol, tooth decay and high blood pressure. One simple way to cut your sugar intake is avoid taking sugar in your tea or coffee.

Start doing desk exercises

Sitting for long hours can take a toll on your muscles. To prevent or reduce stiffness and pain, try simple stretching exercises several times at your desk throughout the day.

Walk it out

Sneak in some exercises by running errands on foot, taking the stairs, parking farther away from your destination, or getting off the metro a stop before you actually need to.

Start having green tea daily

Add a cup of green tea to your daily routine. It contains various bioactive compounds that improve
your health.

Switch to wholewheat

Consuming wholewheat as a part of a healthy diet may reduce the risk of heart diseases as it helps to control cholesterol. It also helps to prevent constipation as the fiber helps in regular bowel movement.

Eat more organic Food

Organic produce has almost no pesticide in it. It is often fresher, tastes better and is rich
in nutrients.